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The KCP was set up with the initiative of the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM), an export promotions agency of the Department of Trade and Industry.

Kosher certification for the Philippine food products will undergo a system where products, services, and practices to applicable standards are determined and confirmed, as set in the Torah. A Rabbinic Coordinator, or Rabbi, governs the certification system per product, not per batch or group of products.


The Kosher Certification Program of the Philippine Food Products aims:

  1. To assist Philippine food companies to secure Kosher certification.
  2. To provide information about Kosher to Philippine manufacturers and exporters.
  3. To develop a market niche in the 150 billion Kosher market in the US and other top markets.


Philippines shows potential in kosher market

The Philippines show strong potential in the global kosher market due to the diversity of the country’s food exports catering to key kosher markets such as United States and Israel, according to Joel Weinberger, President of PS Kosher Food Works Inc. and an independent international kosher inspector/expert.

Weinberger attended the 6th International Food Exhibition (IFEX) Philippines, the only country-organized premium food fair from 15-17 May 2009 and was a speaker at the IFEX Philippines Symposium on Food Safety and Food Certification Standards. He encouraged exporters who attended to understand the importance of the kosher market. He identified the categories of kosher clients such as the religious Jewish people, observant surni Muslims, ethnic buyers based on food type, lactose intolerant individuals, US buyers seen as a Good Housekeeping type of seal and Israel mandated entry claims.