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Inzpect Technologies Inc.

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Posted: January 26, 2007

While everybody was buzzing about the emergence of semiconductor manufacturing in the Philippines, less was known that machineries for processing these microchips were manufactured here. In fact, a number of them were small and medium enterprises that are supplying automated equipments to multinational and foreign companies.

Among them was Inzpect Technologies Inc. Founded in 2003, the automation company is like the infamous bible character, David, who seem quiet and powerless. And yet, this newcomer braved the odds as they face the Goliaths of the automation industry. At present, Inzpect develops advanced automated equipments that have been very useful to many semiconductor and electronic companies.

A Series of Fortunate Events

Rolli Laya, President and Co-founder of Inzpect Technologies Inc. After quitting their day jobs, Rolli Laya (President/Sales & Marketing Manager) and Jose Sumalabe (Vice President) decided to venture in a small business that would make use of their expertise in design and engineering. However, running the business wasn’t easy as it seems. It was a rough start as they faced such challenges like financial and manpower.

“Nung umpisa bale, talagang mahirap. Kabi-kabila ang mga utang para makapagumpisa at para sa pagpopondo ng equipments (It was really hard when we started. We have to borrow money to keep up with the financing of equipments),” recalls Neng Laya, Inzpect’s Personnel Manager.

Fortunately, some of Laya and Sumalabe’s acquaintances from their previous jobs helped in getting them on the right track. Having the right contacts and interested buyers helped Inzpect surpass the struggles of the business. Through them were they able to sell their first products.

“Actually parang swerte rin e. Kasi parang dere-derecho ang pasok. Kasi dati may nasalihan na silang company. Humiwalay na lang sila at nagtayo ng sariling business. Since kilala na rin si Rolli sa ibang companies, sa pagpapaliwanag niya naintroduce ang mga products naming (We were fortunate because since we started, the orders for our products kept on coming. Rolli and Jose were employees before. When they left their respective companies, they decided to establish their own business. And since is quite known to some companies, it was easy for him to introduce our products and services),” Neng adds.

The sacrifices and the hardships paid off in a short span of time. Now, Inzpect continues to manufacture, distribute, and supply equipments to some multinational companies in the country.

Challenging the competition

Despite the stiff competition among automation companies, Inzpect does not dwell onOne of Inzpect's latest vision system. competing with their contemporaries. Instead, they are overwhelmed with the continuous growth of their industry and is very satisfied with the accomplishments that local automation companies have achieved.

However, what Rolli thinks is their biggest adversary is with the international companies. Considering their advanced facilities and very sufficient funds, these foreign companies are sure to get the confidence of any major client. But Inzpect is not easily rattled with this posing threat. Although admittedly those foreign companies are more high-tech, still, the company is very optimistic in selling and promoting their products. And compared to their foreign competitors, Inzpect gives the same quality of products and services at a fraction of a cost.

“Yung target competition namin is ‘yung mga foreign same type of companies. So ang lagi naming ipinagdidiinan e is yung quality. Like, marami na kasing existing automation companies pero ang mine-maintain namin is ‘yung quality na kumbaga kumparablena sa foreign. ‘Yung quality comparable pero ang price mas mura. At sa tingin ko ‘yun ang maiooffer natin (Our target competition are the foreign companies with the same type of business. But what we always say to our clients is that what these foreign companies can offer, we can too at a lower price),” Rolli says.

Recognizing Filipino world-class quality in the arena of automation

“Magaling talaga ang mga Filipino engineers…pang-world class talaga (Filipino engineers are very talented, truly world-class),” Rolli says it with conviction.

Inzpect's workspace Having worked with some of the most hardworking, resilient, and skillful young and experienced engineers, Inzpect sees the Filipinos’ potential in the competitive world of design and advanced engineering.

The company’s automation group itself has a solid experience in design, integration, and manufacturing of automatic equipments for various industrial applications. Among these are: ICOS and Rahmonics Vision Integration, Automatic Strip to Strip Loader and Unloader machines, Tape and Reel System with Mark Orientation and Inspection Machines, and Test Handlers. These equipments are often used in factory processes such as bottling, packaging, and even in pharmaceuticals.

Inzpect always believed in the Filipinos’ ability to compete in the global market. According to Rolli, it is Filipinos’ adept knowledge in engineering and design that makes international companies want to do business in the Philippines. He also mentioned that it was our value for excellence that attracts foreign buyers to acquire Philippine-made products.

The Road to Global Success

Although Inzpect had established itself as a reliable automation manufacturing company, Rolli is focused on selling and promoting Philippine-made machines to the global market. The company’s first move was to build an affiliation with Cognex Corporation, a leading supplier of machine vision sensors and system. This helped the company to establish other partnerships with local and foreign companies, as well as sell their automated equipments to the international market.

Among the company’s international clients are China and Mexico. Most of the products that they require from Inzpect are for manufacturing processes. The company’s latest products are the vision systems. These vision systems are mainly used for product inspection.

Inzpect also joins trade fairs to further promote their products. A year after establishing the company, they joined Industry Link, a Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) trade event for industrial materials. This allowed them to showcase their own line of products and promote Filipino skills in machine automation.

Yet throughout the company’s successes, still, Rolli wishes that the government would extensively promote the country’s potential in machine manufacturing. He also hoped that their industry would be given ample support and priority so as to make it bigger and better.

At present, Rolli and the rest of Inzpect are happy with the satisfactory sales of the company. As they welcome more clients, new innovations are built for faster and more efficient processes. The company also plans to open a machine shop to accommodate repairs and systems rehabilitation. He also advises other entrepreneurs to have a lot of patience in running the same kind of business. Considering that there are minimal resources, it is definitely a long journey to success.

To learn more about Inzpect’s products and services, log on to www.inzpect.com.

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